Sample Eduardo Marturet's music from iTunes
ITunes carries hundreds of albums and singles featuring the conductor and composer.

Conducting Workshop with Maestro Marturet and the Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela
Workshop from June 3rd to June 7th (8am-11am) at the Centro de Acción Social por la Música, Caracas, Venezuela. Active participants will be selected through an audition on the first day using works from Ravel, Hindemith and Brahms. Concert is June 7 with a selection of Active participants. The course is open for non-active participants. Call +58212 597 07 90 for more information.

New CD: Trumpet Glamour with Francisco Flores
Get your copy of the autographed limited edition CD with music performed by MISO and artwork by Romero Britto. Each numbered CD is accompanied with a matching numbered certificate validating the authenticity of this special collector's item. As an added bonus, $90.00 per CD is tax-deductible!