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A pioneer in the field of classical music in Venezuela, an internationally acclaimed conductor and composer, Eduardo Marturet is unquestionably a multifaceted person who, even as a child, showed a talent for different artistic expressions - piano, drums and percussion - as well as an interest in other fascinating areas such photography, journalism and oceanography. Most of these interests, however, were eclipsed by a far stronger passion: the wish to become a musician.

Born in Caracas on September 19, 1953, Eduardo Marturet is the sixth of eight children in a family that he himself describes as a “clan” headed by his maternal grandfather, a man who made sure that the family remained united and to whom Eduardo attributes a great deal of his family education. From an early age Eduardo was taught the values that  are still very much a part of him: perseverance, integrity, loyalty and hard work. These values have governed his life and continue to mark every one of the many steps he has taken. They form the cornerstone of  Eduardo’s great self-assurance in every task he sets himself. From early childhood he learned to try everything, not to fear failure, always bearing in mind the most valuable lesson taught by his family: “Life knows no limits.” 

At the age of 17, in the firm belief that there are no limits to what one can achieve, Eduardo Marturet set off for Cambridge, England to formally pursue his passion for music, despite the fact that, at the time, many people, his family included, did not feel that music was the right profession for someone who hoped to  make a name for himself. Eduardo’s perseverance and talent, however,  allowed  him to prove that failure is not an option when you know what you want and you strive to achieve it. “The problem with music is that you cannot be a mediocre musician; this is a profession in which you must stand out, and I was never afraid to do so.”

Eduardo spent the next nine years specializing in percussion, piano, conducting and composing; this last an activity that came easily to him with his inborn ability to create and delight others. His teachers soon realized that Eduardo had a knack for conducting and urged him to develop this skill. He discovered with pleasure that the management culture so typical of his family had endowed him with the confidence needed to take up a career as a conductor. “You need personality and a sense of  leadership to be able to stand up in front of a group of musicians and forge a  harmonious whole between them and the audience.”

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