Canto LLano

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Canto LLano

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Sinfonietta Caracas, Orquesta Sinfónica de Lara & Ensamble Ebano
Maria Rivas, soprano
Evelyn Nallen, recorder
Eduardo Marturet, marimba
Luis Julio Toro, flute
Tempo Primo (1 disc)


Canto LLano, written for british recorder player Evelyn Nallen, was composed in 1976 in Cambridge (England) for any melodic instrument and Tape Delay (today known as Digital Delay) or any combination of melodic instruments. The same year the piece was premiered by the composer himself on Marimba. Since then the work has been played many times in multiple combinations such as recorder, solo guitar, guitar duo, voice and ensemble, and full orchestra, etc; in important artistic centers like New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Caracas, Rome, Stuttgart, London (Wigmore Hall): “in particular lingers in the memory - the Venezuelan composer Eduardo Marturet’s Canto LLano for recorder and tape delay system. This is a beautiful little modal phrase accumulating , overlapping and finally winging away into the distance” (Malcolm Hayes - The Sunday Telegraph, London May 31, 1987).

The contrapunctal character of this composition allows the free transcription for any combination of instruments without changing the meaning of the work which is eminently descriptive of the inmensity of the Venezuelan planes (LLANOS), of the infinite, the abstract, with the double meaning of the religiosity of the Canto LLano = cantus planus or Gregorian Chant.


Canto LLano in Japanese!

The Ukranian Philharmonic performs Marturet's Canto Llano.
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Number of Tracks: 10
Year of Recording: 2006
Track List:

Canto Llano (9'24")
For Trumpet
Francisco Flores , trumpet

Canto LLano (10'20")
For Solo Recorder & Tape Delay
Evelyn Nallen , recorder

Canto LLano (9'57")
For Solo Marimba & Tape Delay
Eduardo Marturet, marimba

Canto Llano (8'40")
For Orchestra
Hobart Earle, conductor
Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra

Canto LLano (8'51")
For Orchestra
Eduardo Marturet, conductor
Orquesta Sinfónica de Lara

Canto LLano (7'33")
For Double Reed Quintet
Quinteto Ebano

Canto LLano (17'12")
For Soprano & Orchestra
Maria Rivas, soprano
Eduardo Marturet, conductor
Sinfonietta Caracas

Canto LLano (13'53")
For Flute, Bansuri, Bansuti, Baroque Flute, Bass Flute & Electronic Effects
Luis Julio Toro , flute
Julio d'Escriván , electronics

Canto LLano (6'41")
For Guitar
Ruben Riera , guitar

Canto LLano (8'45")
For Bassoon and Delay
Andrea Merenzon , Fagot

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