Casa Bonita

Music to be. Music for spaces in a museum. Music that alters the traditional idea of time and does away with the boundaries between sound and artistic space. Music that becomes transformed, that turns into an object, installation, history of the times, automatic nostalgia, song of the crickets, secret voices … Music to change us. For each of us. To live within it.

This exhibit is the product of an ambitious research project concerning the scope of contemporary music: its ability to communicate, induce creative and sensitive attitudes in the public and change its intuitions. The conductor is composer Eduardo Marturet, who slid his work and ideas into the environments of three artists who created three walk-through environments, dominated by elements developed on the basis of the Fibonacci numbers, viewing each work as a free and metaphorical interpretation of the every-day areas in a house, an Artistic Domus. The end product involves three major elements that characterize each of them as objects. There are the phrases of the streak of light in Rafael Barrios’ Slash, the twin spirals in Jorge Pizzani’s Double Chalice, and the helicoidal force of Marcos Salazar’s crystal, that owe their proportions to the Golden Section and are twined together with the continuous spiral of Eduardo Marturet’s music, merging conceptually in the ears and retinas of the viewer.

The work was composed in 1988 and was one of the first of it’s kind. The premiere was at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas.

Museum Entrance

Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas

Museum Entrance

Museum Director

Alejandro Rivero, IBM’s president, and Eduardo Marturet at the opening.