Casa Bonita

The following pdf files are excerpts taken from the Casa Bonita book from the exhibit at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas.

History of an Idea

When the MACC accepted the idea of allowing its main building to house the first three sound spaces of Casa Bonita - at the time an experiment in fusion, ambient music and contemporary art - the project entered the realm of possible architectures and became a museum reality.

Private Music

The general concept of Casa Bonita, where music is inextricably joined to a specific artistic space, offers the spectator-listener a new way of perceiving music outside the traditional contexts. In Casa Bonita we find a musical creation that works like an object, in that the audience is free to relate to it in the most personal and individual way possible.

Interview with Eduardo Marturet

Music to be. Music for spaces in a museum. Music that alters the traditional idea of time and does away with the boundaries between sound and artistic space. Music that becomes transformed, that turns into an object, installation, history of the times, automatic nostalgia, song of the crickets, secret voices … Music to change us. For each of us. To live within it.